D&M Manson Brothers Electric Co. Inc.
is an electrical contracting and energy consulting firm established in 1985

Auto dealerships, Airports, Military Air Bases, Malls,
Schools, Banks, Restaurants, Sporting Arenas, Retirement Villages,
Stores, Churches and more… have all been recipients of our lighting services.


IMG_1762D&M Manson Brother’s Electric, a Market Partner for ConEdison and an Efficiency Maine Partner, are proud distributors of enLux lighting.  Just over ten years ago D&M Manson became the New England distributor for Enlux Lighting and as such we have been at the very infancy when LED’s were first accepted as a viable source of lighting.  We have been fortunate to grow along with enLux a world leader in LED manufacturing.   Enlux has devoted a major portion  of their entire resources to developing the most versatile, easy to install, high performance, modular, dimmable recessed luminaire in the market with unprecedented lumen performance.

EnLux has 2 lines of Energy Star recessed LED fixtures; the DL1-TC (Tapered Cone), DL2-TC and DC (Deep Cell) series.  The DL1-TC with its 100 degree beam spread at 14 watts is among the widest spread available, providing for an extremely uniform distribution of light.  The DL-1 is well suited for but not limited to classrooms, halls, reception areas, and atriums. The DL1-TC has been used with great success in hospitals, universities, both private and public schools, libraries and most recently all 84 locations of a northeast grocery chain.

The enLux DL2-TC 42W has been the primary choice of many venues for the replacement of auditorium lighting, exterior canopy lighting, automotive show rooms and general lighting.  In all models, enLux offers the option of specifying wattage in one watt increments to assist you our customer in bringing in the best return on investment without sacrificing quality.  Enlux offers trim sizes beginning at 8” and extending all the way to 14” for those unique hard to retro canopy fixtures.

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EnLux has a record of sustained, proven performance as evidenced by a wide range of universities, medical facilities, municipalities, retailers and federal agencies that have selected enLux as their choice for the replacement for recessed down-lights.


Send us pictures of your project and we will help you select  the best choice of enLux product. Over the last 10 years we have encountered countless versions of recessed fixtures, lamp combinations and methods of install.  Because of this intimate experience we have gained the necessary work experienced to help you solve any recessed fixture scenario.

To view several other projects completed by New England’s best energy service companies,visit our Honestbuildings website.  

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enLux is well known for achievements in architectural lighting.  One of the most recent projects in progress is the reconstruction of pendant hung church cylinders much like in this photo to a fully operating LED fixture.